The 2016 Annual Christmas Curry

It’s that time of year again when climbing outdoors is only for the very brave and all belayers need several down jackets to survive. So let’s stay warm cosy and well fed this December at the traditional Christmas curry meal.

Date: Wednesday 14 December
Time: Meet at the Pride of Spitalfields as early as you like, curry booked from 7.30pm
Venue:Nazrul, Brick Lane
RSVP: on this wonderful Google form

Friends and family are of course as welcome as ever, for a laid back evening of food, drinks and chats.

See you there!

sadly we’re not able to make it anymore thanks to rail works making the travel crap and clients cancelling stuff… sigh… have fun we’ll miss youse

No problem. You will be missed!

This is tomorrow! How quickly time has flown. Update from us is that we’ve moved the curry next door to view the fabulous artwork. Meet you at Cafe Bangla or the Pride of Spitalfields.


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That’s good because it’s not the same with out Princess Diana artwork

Bad news: Looks like Cafe Bangla is no more.
Good news: Jasmine occupies the same site, has the same phone number and, most importantly, the same murals.

So last guess on venue is Jasmine, Brick Lane which is here.

I’m aiming to be at the Pride of Spitalfields at 6:30pm. Can’t wait!

Hi all. Is it BYOB?

Remember a dash to buy beers last year but that could have been the basement dive we ended up in.

Apologies from the Spilletts but we are not going to make it, I have been so kind and shared my nasty heavy cold with the whole family…you don’t want our germs i assure you.

I just spoke to them. It’s either bring your own or, alternatively, they’ll also go and get them for us.

Hi guys! They are super busy so we’re looking like 8pm. Meet us in the pub or ask for the JT table if you’re heading straight to Nazrul/jasmine/Aladdin (all the same chain - was once cafe Bangla)

Thank you very much for organising @jo_keogh. We all had a great evening.

Things seen and heard (or not):-

  • The Pride of Spitalfields doesn’t get any bigger and the scrum around the bar doesn’t get any smaller
  • Wherever you book on Brick Lane, you end up in Nasrul’s crowded basement
  • No plan was made to change the club’s name to Climb London
  • @owrehleeoh and Caroline made it in the end - hooray
  • @hughmerritt is demanding wide screen TV with Sky Sports in place of the wood burner in The Cottage
  • @janderkran is fund raising to purchase a club property in Chamonix
  • Despite my insistence, not much of the evening was devoted to 2017 trip plans - someone tell me otherwise
  • @bullopolis saw red
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