Technique Training 19th November @Castle

Hi there,
I am planning to do a half-day climbing training at the Castle for NLMC members on the 19th November. The aim of the training is to work on climbing technique. Target audience is everyone who thinks that he/she has room for improvement.

It is not yet clear how the training is going to look in detail but I would like to cater it to you as much as possible. In case you are interested in joining, please take 5 min. time and fill in this form:

On the basis of the results, I will draft the training agenda and you can decide if you like to join or not.

Some preliminary ideas for what we can do:

  • video analysis
  • test strategies to push grade limits and projecting routes
  • basic techniques on foot work, gripping handholds, body positioning in different types of climbing, ‘twisting reaches’ (this is a made up translation of the German word ‘eindrehen’)
  • falling

Please bear in mind that I am not a professional climbing trainer. So please don’t expect anything super sophisticated and that I see this also as an opportunity to learn from conducting such a training.

Happy to hear your thoughts and ideas :slight_smile:


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Hi Jan,
That sounds great, and I would be well up for that…


Just filled in the form and have placed 19/11 in the calendar. Can’t wait!

I’d be keen :slight_smile:

I’m up for that!

Hi all,
thanks for the feedback so far. Unfortunately, I have to move the training to the 2nd or 3rd of December.

Hope you can still make it.

More info about the agenda to come!



I filled the form Jan! should be able to make either 2nd or 3rd of dec. video analysis sounds like a great idea!

Hi Jan. 3rd better for me :grin:

Hi everyone,
I would like to pin down exact date for the training. Could you fill in this doodle with your availability please (only if you are at least 80% certain that you will come):

As for the preliminary agenda (10am-6pm), these are the things I would like to cover based on your responses:

  • Basic techniques
  • Finding rest positions
  • Falling
  • Route projecting



Unfortunately I won’t be able to make either of the new dates, Jan.

Have a great sesh nonetheless!

Hi all,
I will have to do the training on Saturday as I am not available for Sunday. Please keep signing up at the doodleform so I have an indication of numbers :slight_smile:


Soz mate. Thats me out then :pensive:

Hi all,
I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday in the Castle.

We will meet up at 10am and I suggest to meet where there is this little Yoga area in the middle level above entry.

Don’t forget some lunch, rope for lead climbing, and your smartphone for some videoing.

See you there :wink:


agenda sounds fun! how many ropes do we need? i haven’t got mine at home but can get it off the friend I lent it to

we need as many ropes as pairs of participants, i.e. currently 4 :slight_smile: