Tatras - easier than Scotland - short slideshow Wed 13th March 2019

Talking to many members I realised that quite a few, including ones who would happily to to the Alps are a bit intimidated by the Tatras which are one of our closest other mountain ranges - a bit over two hours by plane. Inspired by Dave I’m planning to do a short slide show about the practicalities of “the smallest alpine range in the world”

  • what there is to do
  • how to get to it
  • where to stay
  • where to find more information
  • how to travel around
  • what to watch out for
  • alternative plans for different weather
  • potential trip schedules.

This is based around my years of having the Tatras as a weekend venue for touring and climbing when I lived there and quite a number of trips I have done from the UK to Poland.

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Practical arrangements

  • free for members and their guests as always
  • in the pub as normal
  • starts after the climbing wall finishes and everyone moves over

Sorry Mike I can’t make it tonight.

Watching Liverpool v Bayern in the champions league, sorry.