Talks at Stronghold

Hi all,

Stronghold is hosting upcoming talks: Speakers Corner | Stronghold Climbing Centres

Thought it might be of interest…

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Brilliant!! Good spot! Ive booked the Robbie Philips one. He’s a legend :grin:
Thanks @Magnus

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:+1:t3: also booked that one! If time allows on the day I might try to get there early for some bouldering beforehand :grin:

coolio. good idea. i’ve registered so will get there early too :smile:

Hi all,

Annoyingly I now can’t make it to this talk :frowning:
If anyone would like my ticket, please send me a message and I can email the ticket to you.
Free of charge! :slight_smile:


otherwise i’ll be on my own! :sob::sob::sob::wink:

I’ve bought a ticket and am going.


@bullopolis if you send me your email address I can forward you my ticket - just in case you find someone else to join last minute…

@bullopolis Just got a ticket for Robbie Philips… so hopefully see you there.

Sorry @Magnus . Just missed your message that you had an extra ticket!

Is anyone else thinking of going to the Leo Houlding talk on March 3rd?

I’m attending tonight’s Leo Holding talk; who else is going?