'Take not our mountain' - cottage photo from 1957

Here’s a photo of the club cottage Bryn Brethynau, from a book called ‘Take not our Mountain’, by Dorothy Champion first published in 1957. Sent to me by a chap who’s been searching for the book, & his local library found a copy.
It is the author’s story of life at Nyth Bran which is probably our nearest neighbour to the cottage. It’s referred to as the Haunted cottage…any clues?!


That’s really cool. Would love to read what life was like back then. No idea why it is referred to as haunted, though have a vague recollection of Richard H. telling me it has this reputation.


I’ll try to find out more!

Danuska always claimed there was a ghost, but I told her it was just the spiders playing jokes on her.


I remember someone telling me about the ghost of an old lady.

It’s haunted by the sound of old men snoring

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Get Dale to tell his story sometime. He is not surprised that it has this reputation!