Swanage day trip 19 May

@guyarnold, @Kate_Davis, myself and a couple of others are headed to Swanage for a day trip on Saturday. Leaving from Hackney early Sat morning and returning late Saturday evening.

We have 2 (somewhat uncomfortable!) spots to fill for anyone interested. Especially anyone with an ab rope :slight_smile: Reply if you’re keen on joining!

I don’t have an ab rope but would be keen…


Think I’m going to the Wye Valley with some Cambridge-based people, but if they flake (possible) I will be keen. If so, would probably stop the night and either go bouldering on my own on Sunday, or route climb if anyone is interested (Portland or Swanage).

I’m keen to join. I can drive as well, leaving from finsbury park.

Anyone up for the full weekend somewhere ?

I’ll be in the Lakes!

I’ll be in Matlock Saturday and Sunday with a group mostly made up of people who haven’t been outdoors before. Anyone’s welcome to join us if you’re after easy single-pitch sport. We’ve got our eyes on Masson Lees Quarry.

Hey David, I could be up for staying on for Sunday…

As you know David, I’m going to the Wye Valley. You could wave to Pembroke from there!

I’m thinking of joining the Swanage one day team. Who’s currently in? Who’s driving?

I’m still looking for someone to climb with in Swanage for one day.

Excellent. Suzy and I are driving. I’m leaving shoreditch at 7am via old street station at 7.10.

Suzy I think is driving from Finsbury Park. Currently me hannah Dave a Johannes and Suzy (so 5). I’m defs taking Dave and Hannah (1 more space) but not sure what the distribution of remaining passengers is.


Nice one. What time are you leaving Suzy? Any chance of a pickup (N1)?

Khalid have you got an ab rope by any chance?

Yes @guyarnold. Where are you thinking of climbing?

Still would very much like a lift if poss :slight_smile:

Excellent. We were thinking guillemot ledge due to ab rope scarcity but boulder ruckle possible too.

i’m also keen to come (though that would push us back to odd numbers,but @khalidqasrawi at least is OK with that). Can I join you in @Suzy_Howat 's car? What time are you planning to leave Finsbury Park? I’d come for the day.

Hi; I’m stuck waiting for a plumber today but I might get away tomorrow. If anyone is up for a day trip on Sunday or wants to stay out there and get a lift back please tell.