Sunday 18th June family friendly trip to Bowles rock sandstone

Bring your ropes, belayers, picnics, kids and teddies for a family friendly trip to southern sandstone. If it works well we can repeat another trip over the summer. The aim is to be family friendly and do some climbing but everyone is welcome.
The venue has top roping and bouldering. There is a toilet.
More info on the venue can be found here

If it looks like rain we can have a think and perhaps meet in London sonewhere else.

Eridge Station Is a short walk away from Bowles and trains can be caught from London Waterloo (change at East Croydon).

Sounds great Fran. thanks for getting us all organised. Any particular time for the meet?

Giving a couple of hours to drive down. Shall we say midday? Need to check the weather too later in the week.

Fran: Unfortunately I can’t make it anymore as I have to help my brother paint his kitchen :frowning:

Hopefully I’ll be able to bring my nephew, Carter, to a future family meet :slight_smile:

Sunday is looking like it might be wet in Tunbridge wells and the south.
Might need a plan B

It’s ok on the BBC website. Hot though! Are thunderstorms forecast?

We’re happy to get out and have a picnic. Mostly still injured so doubt I’ll do much climbing but would put a toprope if the kids want it.

It looks ok so we are good. 30% chance of rain after 1pm. But that is a low chance. We might aim to get there at 11 rather than 12. Picnic would be good :grinning:

Still looking good. We’ll aim to get down there for 11ish too. Max

Thanks for organising Fran, think that constitutes a first family meet! For others, Bowles looks quite fun, we should get down to SS a bit more, but don’t recommend going in 32C heat.

Ed’s defining comment on the day: not as good as the Reach daddy.


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