Spring Newsletter 2021!

Hi all,

Here is the NLMC Spring 2021 Newsletter

NLMC Spring Newsletter 2021.pdf (2.3 MB)


Hope to see many of you at the crag soon,


Jessica, Phantastique. Well done.

Tom Richardson. a great guy, climber etc.

I was in the Himalayas when I stopped to talk to a Sherpa lady with a load. i asked to try it on… At that moment a voice said. “Hello Allen Bordoley”. God, i thought I,m famous. somebody knows me in the middle of the Himalayas. it was Tom just returning, without his client after an ascent of Tent Peak in the Annapurna Sanctuary…

Tom has written a book about his climbs etc. Great reading. Even mentions Richard Haszko and other bods. Allen B. I’ll send the title later. More adventurers in it


Amazing effort, well done Jess for pulling it together and fantastic to see such a broad range of contributors - kudos for actually finding something to write about climbing given the year we’ve just had! (Matt aside, I hope the training is paying off and loved the article).

Allen, how could you publish the cover of the 2nd edition of Climbmongers News without explaining why that gentleman’s bottom is hanging out of his breeks?


Excellent newsletter Jess, well done and thanks to all contributors, love the cartoons and photos! I always thought Trevor Panther was a brilliant name for a climber…


we were like that in them days.!! Actually they caused quite a stir with members they were white leathertype of hosen. Notice #fred Messer boots on the left. He has tricouni nails into his welt.

Unfortuantley Fred with Bern Juby was in Austria that year and he slipped on a climb and was killed. They were going on a Mountain Snow coure with inghams and were just warming up etc before starting the course. Fred was the first member to die climbing. We were al shocked for mobnths afterwARDS. cHEERS. aLLEN

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Ah, so he’s not in the bare, as it were? Strikes me modern retailers are missing out on this finer detail of garment styling, though you would be at risk from any randy baboons on the Rock of Gibraltar.

@L_Pio I didn’t give your dues for an excellent cartoon. More please!