Southern Sandstone this Sunday?

Hi All,

A few friends and I are heading down for a little bit of winter sandstone this Sunday and wanted to know if anyone else would like to join?

Plan would be to head to down to Harrison’s rocks or similar and get a decent day of top roping in. We would catch the train from London Bridge to Eridge at around 8/9am then walk in to the rocks. Weathers looking promising at the moment!

Let me know if you’re keen!

I would be keen. Just checked trains though (from Eridge) and it seems like there is no return train on Sunday? Biking to tunbridge wells would be the alternative i guess, or going on Saturday when the trains seem better.

Same here. @mortim91 I’ll drive down and can take up to 4 if anyone’s interested

Hi Daniel,

That’s great news!

Would you have space for me and a friend? When/where would you leave from?


Hi All, I seem to be having issues with creating a new post, hence resurrecting this old thread.
@janderkran and I (and possibly @dabarlow) are thinking of heading out for a bit of climbing this weekend (27th/28th Jan). At the moment the driest place seems to be the South East, and Sunday seems to be the better day of the two, so a possibility is Southern Sandstone, probably Harrison’s Rocks, for a one day trip on Sunday. Would anyone else like to join?

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Hi @Manchi - thanks, I am a member and shall mail @coffeepot re permissions

I would be interested, I live at enfield.

Certainly not dry here in Wales