Small colds beware / COVID-19

Hi All…

I heard a few people in the club have been having colds recently. I just recovered from COVID-19 ; What’s interesting about this is that I have never had any of the classic COVID symptoms - just a very light cold - I got a test from a research program. Otherwise I would never know. So I just thought I’d make a little post about it:

It seems there are three ways I could have caught it

  • Via school - unproven but my best guess
  • Indoor bouldering - one single trip - but I’d say this is the most “dangerous” thing I did.
  • Volunteering to pick up a prescription

In each case I would have been following the rules pretty strictly. The bouldering was in a place with open air ventilation so only partly indoor. I was wearing a mask all the time while bouldering (that might explain the very light infection). Of course it’s also possible that it was something much rarer like a fleeting bad luck event whilst out getting food. Luckily none of the people I thought I might have infected seem to have it yet.

The point of the story, though is that

  1. It’s going around
  2. If you think you have a very light cold, assume it’s COVID and be very careful of your relatives and take care
  3. It seems that being careful is still profitable

All the best and look after yourselves


N.B. any club member I met in that period, even briefly and with distance already knows full details. I didn’t go to an indoor wall when I would have been infectious.


Interesting Mike. I’ve got a lergy but no temperature or cough. After a day or two at home I’ve just posted a Covid test off to put my mind (and that of colleagues) at rest.

@Max_A I hope it all works out well and quickly. I guess by now you had your test result back? There have been other members who had negative results apparently so hopefully that’s you and you won’t end up with your whole family stuck at home and all the other possibilities.

I should say for everybody sign up for the COVID Symptom Study without which I would never have known and would probably have had some relatives visit.

There’s a reasonable chance that if you have weird symptoms and are in an area with rising infection they’ll send you for a free test, which really helped in my case.