Slovakia 11-18 March

I’ll be out in Slovakia from 11th to 18th March (mostly ski touring from 11 to about 13, mostly climbing from about 14 to 18 subject to weather, conditions etc.) and at least one of the people I was proposing to meet is unable to come. If anyone is interested in joining then please give a shout - best to send a private mail on via chat or call me. Personally I’ll be climbing with a local friend for some of the time so it’s good if you come with a partner.

This is definitely not suitable for complete beginners (unless you meet up with a guide/instructor - there are quite a few good ones available) but the Tatras are not Glaciated, so if you are happy looking after yourself in Scottish conditions and sensible you should be mostly fine. They are a bit colder and higher than Scotland with somewhat longer routes available though so it’s preferable to bring avalanche gear, know how to use it and more importantly know how to avoid getting under an avalanche in the first place.

See Simon’s report from our last trip for some idea of what it’s like and instructions if you want to do a hardcore “no days wasted travelling” type of short trip.