Slate - Vivian Quarry rockfall

If you ever wanted to do Comes the Dervish…you might be too late! This is the latest of several rockfalls in that area of Vivian.


Yeah :confounded: Last Tango was on my list too and initial reports suggest the entire top half of it has fallen off. Hopefully it’s just that and not the entire Dervish overlap that’s collapsed…

Another hurdle between me and completing Extreme Rock…


What! You hadn’t climbed the Dervish! I blame it on all the DWSing.

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Hope you’ve climbed T-Rex already then cos that hasn’t been in its original state since July 2018 and no one’s logged it since…!

@dabarlow I live a long way from North Wales these days! The year I spent the most time in North Wales and was climbing at the right level I spent more time in the mountains and by the sea. In general, I’ve not done that much on the slate (or Tremadog for that matter) because I mainly went when the weather was good and the mountains were calling.

@MattGee I didn’t say it was the only hurdle! Although as Extreme Rock goes Dervish is/was probably one of the more accessible ways of improving the % complete, relatively speaking!


Pictures now up on UKC thread. Luckily for @ajmorris228 and @PaulSagar it would appear that the rockfall has obliterated the left side of the adjacent Nostromo area but the Dervish is untouched. Take a while for the access to clear up though.

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