Skye/west coast, May 27-June 5

Hi all,
Richard Young and I are planning to head up to the west coast of Scotland for the end of May/start of June (27th May-5th June). Initial goals (not having checked this with Richard) are to get in some long mountain trad routes and probably the Cuillin traverse if it is dry, which of course it will be, and without a midge in sight too.

There were a few people who were potentially up for heading that way, at around that time, so thought would see if anyone would like to meet us up there/on route. Company and extra vehicles is always good. I imagine it’s too late to book a hut in Skye, and that would of course restrict us to one spot, so it’s a wild/camping trip, moving about to get the best of the glorious climbing weather, and getting a decent amount of swimming in before the sea gets too warm.

We’d be heading up from Gloucestershire and would maybe have one space


I am in! Logistics to be sorted nearer the time but I’m happy to drive if
necessary - would be good to have one or two people to share fuel costs and

excellent!! I’ve booked a high pressure system.

I’m going to pabbay on the 4th june so let me know the plan in case of joining in on the way :slight_smile:


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head north. climb.
that do? :wink:

I have to be back for the dentist on the 1st and my son’s wedding the following weekend - up for finishing my trip up north but I can only hook up for the first few days sadly.

Venga venga.

Plan?! I’m not going if there’s a plan.

Sounds brill! I may be interested. I have unfinished business with the am bastier tooth. :smile:

Yep - long trad/scrambling routes in the mountains pretty much sums it up.
It would be good to include the Traverse if the weather plays ball, but that is as far as my plan has got!

Most importantly my leave from work (and family!) has been approved :grinning:

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Ace news Richard! Have to catch up soon anyways (off to cottage 5-7th Feb for a spot of work and walking/scrambling if you can get a last minute pass)

Hope to hook up with everyone else up there, if anyone else is interested, keep in touch via this thread or ask any questions etc. The answers may be a bit vague, but in a positive and adaptive way…

planning to come along… not 100% sure of timing…but looking forward

I was hoping to come but it’s not gonna happen - consultant appointment to sort the next knee op is at the end of May.

Enjoy everyone and see you all at some point over the summer x

Great shame we won’t see you, but if it means the next part of your bionic man programme goes well it will be worth it in the long run :wink:
As you say I’ll have to hear about your recent adventures another time!

Grrr - really wish I could make it too. Good people in a good place.

That would be ace Yvonne! I think Richard and I are locked in on dates but you’ll find us up there somewhere…guessing we may stop off at Lakes or Glencoe on way up/down to break the journey but no plans yet, is Dale up for it?

@hkirk777 Harri, are you still coming? Could pick you up on way or can you and yvonne share as you are near each other?

Gutted you can’t make it Kelvin, next time eh? get that knee sorted…and I’ll try and get over to meet you in the winter…

I am still coming. @ypsell, let’s have a chat about transportation…
If possible I would really like to stop off in the lakes on the way up -
it’s Hutton Roof fell race on the first Saturday which I think would make a
great start to the trip! :slight_smile:

hmmm no fell racing for me but yes let’s talk transport.@hkirk777 Dale has opted for sport in spain rather than midges - go figure?!

Evening folks
Very glad to hear you’re still coming Harri and that you’re joining us Yvonne.
I’m afraid the dates are set, otherwise I’ll be jobless and permanently in the metaphorical doghouse!
As Chiz says no firm plans other than a stop over to break the journey. I still want to try for a Traverse if possible, but happy to go with the flow and climb/scramble/walk wherever.
Having said that I think a fell run might be pushing it…
As for wanting to head to sunnier climes to avoid flesh eating bugs, well what can I say :astonished:

yeah, would be good to do Traverse again, no other plans! Other than no fell running for me!

Looks like could well be one vehicle from The North, and a van from Gloucestershire…possibly rendezvous in Lakes and then…

yes - Harri and I looking to hook up in Lakes after she does the fell run (crazy woman). Can’t imagine my knees will allow me to do the traverse but I’m sure I can keep myself entertained… 3 weeks!!!