Skye trip May 24

Thread for trip to Skye in late May. With the Lakes meet at the weekend of the 27th May, Richard Sullivan has suggested bolting on a trip to Skye before/after that weekend.

This is timed to take advantage of longer early summer days before the midge count gets too unbearable. There is often (but not always) a settled spell of high pressure at this time of year giving excellent climbing conditions on the usually dreich Cuillin, and it is usually possible to follow the better weather to another venue if not.

Skye is home to the Black and Red Cuillin ridges, each with some of the best long mountain days in the UK, and certainly the best ridges. There are also the fringe attractions of seacliffs on Skye, plus Glen Coe/Ben Nevis etc on the way up/down.

The Skye Cuillin has a mix of classic multipitch rock routes, harder multipitch trad climbs, long semi-technical scrambles and low grade mountaineering routes, and apparently some bouldering. The full traverse of the Black Cuillin ridge is the best lower grade climb in Britain covering about 10km of semi-technical ground with some shocking rock, eye-popping exposure, fiendish routefinding, and the relentless need to keep moving to make sure you catch last orders at the (grossly over-rated) Sligachan Hotel bar.

Generally the crags in Skye are remote, often with long walks ins, and self reliance and the ability to get yourself out of the shit is needed yada yada… Having said that, there are brilliant options for all levels and abilities.

Previous Skye meets have camped roadside en route, and stayed in the Glen Brittle campsite which has lush swimming, and coffee and pizza, not sure if the Sligachan campsite is open this year.

Who’s in…?

This is very tempting what a write up! I might be free the week before but just checking with work.

Great write up, so good I booked on it twice….

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Still potentially interested, yes. More for mountain days etc than cragging.

After the meet would probably be a little bit better for me for time off work.

I’m hoping to finalise my dates this weekend -I’m heading north with my (non climbing) partner for a few days, and then staying on for as long as I can… I’ll be in my van (three seater) and could pick up/drop off if needed. I’ll definitely be more looking at the long mountain days with minimal gear

Going to commit to the week before lakes trip (19/20-24ish May), as mate can only make that week. Happy to do the ridge or mountain routes. Prefer to camp at Glenbrittle but happy to go with majority.

Committed to the week before the Lakes -keen to attempt the ridge weather permitting

Great. I’d be up for doing the ridge again. Prefer GB to Sligachan, always the opportunity to stop at Slig on way in/out for something like Pinnacle Ridge on SnG but in my opinion most climbs, and best bits of ridge are easier accessed from GB end. Plus it’s less midgey, better swimming, more chilled, and less tourists

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I’ll be heading up 22/3rd with Olwenn and the hound and hopefully go straight to Skye ad camp at GB. O doesn’t climb, and the dog lacks opposable thumbs, but I may get a day pass for something late on that week.
They’re heading back on the monday/Tues, hopefully from Kyle and I’ll stick around Skye/Torridon for a bit of solo stuff, or team up if anyone still up there.

Course if the weather is better elsewhere we’ll head there, so may go Lakes, but if the weather is good on Skye why would you go anywhere else??

I am interested in it. How many days does it take?

Depends how fit you are. Under 4h is the current record, but most people take 2 days. 1 day is very feasible if reasonably fit

The Ridge?

Most people aim to do it in one or two days. Failure rate is quite high due to weather, fitness and route finding. Don’t be disappointed if you just come away having just done bits of it, which is great fun in itself.

Last call for possible attendees for Skye meet. We are starting to organise the trip via WhatsApp

“Last call for possible attendees for Skye meet. We are starting to organise the trip via WhatsApp”

Were you going to let me know?

Yes chiz, that’s why I’ve sent the message. Don’t have your phone number to add you

I’m actually super interested! After the lakes trip?

Unfortunately the trip is the week before the lakes Tommy. Welcome if you can make it.

I will be up there over that weekend but staying on into the next week

…whereas I’m staying on into the next week, so the trip is actually straddling both weeks :roll_eyes:

Please don’t move this all to Whatsapp. There is a month to go and members may well decide to join who won’t see it on a separate whatsapp group.

This chat is not being moved to a WhatsApp group. This thread will remain on here for all to see. However the finer details will be on the WhatsApp group so we don’t clog up this forum chat. This is my understanding with adhoc meets that aren’t on the meets calendar. Happy to be told otherwise.