Skye/Scotland road trip meet 26th May-3rd June

Hi all, every* year at the end of May a small but hardy band of NLMC climbers head north to Scotland in search of long days, long routes, dry rock, wet lochs, single malt and glorious climbing. This year the meet (which somehow isn’t on the meets diary :frowning: ) is from Saturday 26th May to Sunday 3rd June.

Richard Young and I will be heading up on the Friday from Stroud in my van, and will be heading up to Skye, stopping as appropriate and weather permitting doing the Traverse at some point. I know Guy and some others may be overlapping a few days at the start.

There is no real plan, other than following the best weather, climbing the longest routes on the driest rock, swimming the wettest lochs and rivers, and cooking good food each night. It will be a mix of wild camping and staying at Glen Brittle campsite. Richard and I will be leaning more to longer mountain routes, but there is plenty of cragging, sea cliffs and walking to suite anyone.

If anyone is interested, let us know, there are three seats in the van so we have one spare space, flights to Glasgow from London are currently under £50 so fly-and-hire is quite cheap.

*not every year, but you get the idea.

I think ‘single malt and glorious climbing’ sums it up rather well!
Oh, and you shouldn’t under sell the tradition of the trip Chiz, as you’ve been there consistently for the last two years :wink:

As chiz says, Dave Adler, Kate D and I are flying up on Wednesday 23rd and back on Tuesday 29th. Dave is planning to stay the full week I think.

I can’t make the half term week due to other commitments but we’ll be up and climbing over the long weekend and a bit before if anyone else is in a similar situation. Flights were £26 when I got them a couple of days ago so get on it!

I’m in Austria 23-30th and then have a bunch of crap i have to attend in London so I can’t make these dates - but if anyone wants to go to Scotland in (say) late August or early September then let me know!

Right, I will be arriving with @guyarnold and @Kate_Davis for the front weekend and would like stay on for the full week with you guys @chizharward and @richard_young. If you guys don’t pick up a third to ride up with you in the van it would be great if I could catch a ride with you back in the van, otherwise I would catch a bus to ft william or Glasgow when we are done ranging around the cuillin. Really looking forward - I had a few incredible days on the ridge last year so psyched to have the chance to do some more things up there with this jolly crew.

I am interested in joining the trip for rock climbing - my knees don’t want to descend mountains any more, so no Cuillin ridge for me - probably for the same dates as Guy et al. however, currently I believe I am the fifth rock climber, so would need a gallant 6th climber to make even numbers…

Peter, after a change of plans I’m now free to head to Skye, if you are still keen?

Hi Tim, that’s great news; I think that the others are flying up on the Wednesday evening (7pm from Stansted) and returning on the Tuesday morning (6.50hrs from Glasgow), with a hire car in between; assuming that the flights are still available, would that work for you?




Hi All.

I’m planning a van trip up to Skye with my girlfriend at that time. No strict idea about dates yet (we’re going to take our time getting up and back to ease the driving) but could potentially be there from the 27th for up to 5 days or so.

I’m pretty new to the club so apart from @dadler I’m not sure if I have met any of the crew heading up, so would be great to meet some more of you.

Still planning on staying at Glen Brittle?


Hi Rupert, not sure if we’ve met, but do join us!

Richard and I are heading up on the friday, David Adler will be joining us from early in the week, we’ll probably be staying at the Glen Brittle campsite as its just easy and nearest to southern routes. But we may be the other side of Scotland depending on weather!

PM me your number and we can hook up, mobile reception permitting…we should pick up texts when on the ridge, we’ll be in a matte black Sprinter SWB with two tents