Should we have a club Wikipedia page?

The West Bromwich Mountaineering Club has one

And it is quite, erm, informative.

Good lord it’s far too informative. What happened to keeping an air of mystery about one’s club?!

But isn’t your life so much the better for knowing that their hired coach now only makes one additional stop to ensure that members can be back in West Bromwich by 10.30pm?

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Can we hire a coach? Can it take me back to North London no later than 10:30? Can we play Taylor Swift?

What do you do when you feel the pump?

Shake It Off…

Perhaps it would be more fun to just edit their Wikipedia page slightly every day so that it very slowly becomes our Wikipedia page.


Do we have to get our own Coachy McCoach face if we do that, though?

If we had a club wikipedia page, and you were down with the history Paul, you’d know that we had one once and it was called the Festerwagon.

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Well strike me down with a feather. We clearly should have a Wikipedia page, then.

Have added a post on the festerplane to the club history page.