Self-rescue Saturday

Most of us have learned a lot of self-rescue stuff at some point. But the last time I personally practiced anything was last June. I think we could use some out-of-season Saturdays to gather in Finsbury Park and improve some manual skills. Surely, this will feel super awkward, but everything is less awkward in a large company of good people. Usually, during such exercises, I feel silly as well because I discover that my brain knows what to do, but my hands clearly don’t.

My main reference is the book by David Fasulo, which has wonderful pictures and is great generally (a bit America-oriented, but that’s not a bad thing).

Maybe Finsbury Park is not an ideal venue; I am open to suggestions. The perfect place is something like a 5m pull-up bar or a climbing gym. I’m not sure if the Castle will like such an event; I’ll ask them at some point.

I understand that this may be a short notice offer. I’ll try to repeat it later with more time to plan.

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I can’t make this weekend but I’d be very up for it another time!

I would be keen to do this at some point in the near future, but unfortunately the next couple of weeks aren’t good timing for me. Could use some practice with prussiking especially.

I think I can make it. FP is a good place. I did it once there. A few good thick branches. Also, it used to be a meeting point for slack-liners.
Let me know what time. If I am free I will come to play :slight_smile:

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I can’t make this weekend either - but definitely up for it when I can. Worth practicing those things I know … but don’t really know.

Since for now you’re the only person wishing to come, the time is up to you really :slight_smile: What time can you make? 11:00 am?

@daniel - Worth asking at the Castle, I did notice they had fliers up for a self rescue course a little bit ago.

Mile End also offers paid courses covering similar things as well.

Definitely worthwhile, slightly tricky for their insurance cover etc. if not done by an instructor.

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I would be very up for this, but like Ian I’m pretty booked up for the next couple of weeks as well

As someone who hasn’t had any formal self-rescue training, I’d be very keen to come along and soak up some knowledge/ask some basic questions. Can’t this Sat tho …

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The Mile End ones have the advantage of running in the garden area over bouldering mats, which is psychologically helpfully if you’re worried about dropping yourself…

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It’s good to know you guys cannot make it.
I could make, probably, any time; maybe 12 is better just to have an easy morning.

Let’s make it 12:00.

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A couple of pics from the park.


I think this was not a total failure! We climbed a rope several times using different methods (I learned how to do so with a guide plate, super useful), tried some load transfers, hauling, and crevasse rescue, maybe a bit chaotically :slight_smile:

As expected, we rediscovered that all this is not rocket science and is probably easier than any other area of human knowledge.

I guess when we repeat this, a more precise timeframe and curriculum should be set. I am glad there is interest; please suggest which dates you’d like to meet.

Skeletor will be back another Saturday.