Sea cliff story for TV?

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My girlfriend Annette is working for German national TV ​and in search of a topic on British sea cliff climbing (incl. Islands). She is looking for a ‘story’ and their persons that can be featured, i.e. interesting characters, early explorers, or so that live close to the coast. If anyone or ideas cross your mind - she would be grateful for your thoughts here or per Email (

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A friend of mine fell off a route at Gogarth and needed to be air rescued off. Because she landed on a pinnacle of rock direct on her, erm, inner crotch. Ben Moon flagged down a kayaker, who called in the helicopter.

I’m not sure if she wants to talk about it on German TV, but I could ask?

She might try contacting Elfyn Jones if she wanted to do something about Gogarth in North Wales. He is the BMC rep for North Wales, very friendly and knows everyone there. BMC generally might be able to suggest some local heroes to talk to.

Mick Fowler did some very esosteric stuff climbing chalk sea cliffs (such as Skeleton Ridge, below) and sea stacks, as well as famously loose rock cliffs such as Henna. You can read about it in Alpinist: and in Mick Fowler’s book Vertical Pleasure

Hazel Findlay is a young female climber, who has done some interesting sea cliff climbing, including a repeat of Britain’s hardest sea cliff route:
She has also done a lot of climbing at Pembroke, one of the country’s great sea cliff climbing venues:

There’s loads of stuff in Scotland. Classic sea stacks like the Old Man of Hoy and the Old Man of Stoerr. And some great climbing on the Isle of Lewis/Harris.

@Haszko has just sent me an amazing article about climbing the three classic sea stacks!

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I for one would to see David Barlow recounting the club’s exploits around Old Harry for German television.

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I am replying on Annette’s behalf as she somehow cannot reply herself.

@Manchi, do you have that article by hand by any chance?

@Jrtomlins: Thanks so much for the hint to contact Elfyn. Will try to
do so and will look into the videos and article you’ve attached.
Thanks for sharing this information!

@Paul: Thanks as well! Will be hard to make a feature out of an
incident that has already happened, but crazy story that you have
shared there.

@Max: Maybe an interview with David would be good :slight_smile:

Many thanks all of you!

I’ve dropped you an email, Jan.

I have a great story about how @Catrin and @dabarlow climbed a north-facing 9 pitch VS, despite having driven to Pembroke to be in the sun, with several pitches of down-climbing in the middle, and at the end had to have their abseil rope rescued by two kind passers-by!