Screaming and Climbing

Last night at The Castle, I was once again subjected to MOCKERY for the noises I make whilst climbing hard.*

Well, it turns out that SCIENCE is on my side. As are Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra.

You’re Welcome.

*sent that 7a though, didn’t I?

The mockers are just jealous. Scream yourself fabulous.

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Unfortunately, unlike watching screaming tennis players on TV, you can’t just turn down the volume level at a wall (or outside). So mockery is all that’s left, short of bringing rotten tomatoes to throw…

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David, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Perhaps you could help me out, perhaps by shouting suitable encouragement in the form of words like “venga!” and “allez!”

I hear this is how it is done at the trad crags.

It doesn’t matter what you do Sagar, I’m gonna mock you for it.

Still, well sent/posted/dispatched/crushed/squished

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Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra are foreign. Joe Brown might grunt, Don Whillans swear and Dave Macleod do some focussed breathing, but screaming?

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“focussed breathing” hahahaha

I like to “kiai” at key moments … and that’s when I’m belaying !!!

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