Scottish Mountain Rescue has asked outdoor pursuits enthusiasts to stick to "familiar and safe" areas amid efforts to tackle coronavirus

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I didn’t get to this age by venturing onto unsafe terrain.

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Well I feel familiar and safe in the Cuillin…

I don’t think this will be quite like Foot and Mouth with the whole countryside shut, I doubt it will be far off, and on other levels it will obviously be very, very bad, and we all need to do our bit to avoid stressing the emergency services.

Anglesey has already asked people fleeing to the island to NOT shop on the island to give locals a chance get food.

Scottish meet is on pause to see what happens. Apart from anything the A82 and NC500 will be crammed with motorhomers intent on escaping the cities and inadvertantly passing on the virus to isolated communities.
Keep safe y’all.

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Just come back from Wales and shelves are empty in shops.