Scotland Meet 27th May-4th June

Hi all, initial heads up that the Scotland meet will be on at the end of May. It is a fairly informal affair, with a few of us heading north on the Friday night in search of long routes, late evening daylight and clear blue seas. I’ll be leaving from Stroud in the van and have space for two. We’d either wild camp, or stay at camp sites like Glen Brittle on Skye, so low cost once fuel is sorted.

Previous years trips have included climbing in the Lakes on the way up, then trad in Glen Coe, Ben Nevis, inland cragging and sea cliffs, and on to Skye, but essentially in traditional NLMC style we will go where the weather is best, and the midges least. Type of climbing is totally up to us, there is mountaineering and scrambling, trad rock routes from super long to single pitch cragging, bouldering, sea cliffs and stacks, and the Cuillin Ridge… we usually stick to the west side, but if the weather is better then we can go east, or to the far north. Let me know if you’re interested!

Liz will now hijack this thread by telling you all about the CC trip to Lewis the following week…

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Thanks @chizharward!
Should anyone want to extend their trip …
(Only independant experienced teams please).
But very welcome - let me know if anyone does want to join. I am tempted to go early and join Chiz’s trip too! And hoping @Tutu is still planning to come climbing! :slight_smile:

I’d be keen. Is anyone planning on driving up from London?

Hey. I’ll be up on Skye round that time anyway, hanging around hoping for a weather window for the traverse. I am already pretty fully booked but if you do end up going to Skye it would be lovely to maybe tack on to a group if my timing works or just catch everyone for a drink in the evening if not…

come along Liz, meet us up there! It’s totally informal as you know. Tempted to stay on for Lewis myself but got to be back south :frowning:

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Hi @jobangles, I have no idea yet, early days! Just seeing who is interested.

What kind of climbing are you keen on? PM me if you like, not sure we’ve met. There is pretty much everything up there, but obviously Scotland is best at some things and be a shame not to focus on the best it offers. Be good to get a balanced/matched meet in terms of climbers and expectations. I’m leaning more to long mountain routes at about HS or below, big long scrambling/mountaineering days, and was planning another Cuillin traverse if weather is ok.

Hi Sam, hopefully meet up there then. If the weather is good (and there is usually a few days of clear high pressure) I’ll probably be on Skye for the traverse and longer routes. Would be stopping at Glen Brittle campsite, where are you staying?

Oooh i’d be keen on the traverse!

well Liz, it really is a rather serious day out, not for sports climbers and the like…

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Ha! Will the cafe be open?

A cafe?
I am actually looking for crowd funding to set up The Boutique Cuillin Traverse Glamping Experience.
Our surefooted Andalusian donkeys will carry your equipment from Glen Brittle to advanced base camp in Coire n’a Grundha, where you will enjoy Sherpa tea and fresh mussels in whisky before settling in for a night under the stars in our Bedouin tents.
Your two day traverse will be punctuated by the finest local cuisine, with a three course lunch at the top of Sgurr Alasdair on day one, with dinner (black tie) on the Inn Pinn.
You will then camp in hand woven yurts on Bannadaich, before day two. Haggis, neeps and tatties on Am Basteir before the finale: a craft single malt tasting on Gillean.
After the initial scrambling, descent to the pub will be on our trusty donkeys.
Your traverse will be documented by our tartan drone quadcopter to make this the trip of a lifetime.


This should be in the newsletter.

Excellent suggestion, @Kelvin… hope you don’t mind @chizharward :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my planned climbing partner has had to pull out of this trip, I’m still heading up as have leave booked, but may stop off a bit more with friends on the way, and will do more solo scrambling/climbing whilst up there. Probably still have a go at the Traverse, and other long mountain days.

If anyone is interested in joining then let me know so we can see the logistics and what people can/want to climb, and ideally get a weekend climbing before the trip, which would probaly have to be 13/14th May

I’m meeting Josh B in Fort William this Sunday, and we’ll be heading somewhere rocky, sunny and ideally a bit breezy to climb (and swim) for the rest of the week, hopefully over the bridge to Skye and stay at Glen Brittle.

If anyone is up next week and wants to meet up PM me or send me a text