Salomon boots at cottage

Hello. I was at the cottage over New year and seem to be missing a pair of Salomon hiking boots, size 5. Put them on the rack on Saturday evening and haven’t seen them since. I was wondering if anyone maybe picked them up by mistake? or maybe moved them somewhere cunning?



Hi Linda

If you Send me a private message : Treasurer ‘at’ nlmc.Co.UK, I’ll send you Mike the caretaker’s details. He has a good handle on what is in the cottage.


@lindamind I did check this last time I was up, thought I had replied but obviously didn’t get sent.

There was an apparently abandoned pair of grey Raichle boots on the rack (no one else at cottage when I arrived), think they were size 6.5 or so. Fabric/plasticy mid height fell boots, not leather. Dunno if someone has taken yours instead of theirs, and then theirs were found and put on the rack. What did your look like?

We can check the log for New Years and see who was up, there were a few of us.

@Kelvin, could you check the rack and send me a list of who was up over new years, ta

There’s a pair of size 6 Raichle boots on the shelves.

No booking in sheets for that far back here I’m afraid.


cheers Kelvin, they are the ones I saw, who has taken the signing in sheets? Trying to remember who was there…bit of a vague one…new year’s eve…