Reel Rock 13 - anyone fancy it?

Reel Rock 13 is out and doing the rounds. London screenings are on 26, 27, 28 November. Anyone else fancy it?

It would normally make most sense to try and rally troops for the 27 (a Tuesday) so as to leave Monday and Wednesday for the usual wall meets. But I have a work event on the 27th…so anyone fancy the 26th, bailing on the Castle so as to watch some over-enthusiastic Americans remind us how sub-mediocre at climbing we in fact all are?

I’d like to come but can only do the Wednesday

Treasonous thoughts


I would like to attend and can do either day, but my order of preference would be Wednesday, Monday, Tuesday.

Tuesday would be best for me. Rachel would come too.

I’d like to join; I would prefer Monday, but could possibly do Wednesday.

(quietly chanting Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday)

Mile End Mile End Palm Tree Mile End Palm Tree


I could sort out a Wednesday team if Paul did a Monday crew…?

Sounds like a great idea to me Holly.

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Rachel and I are going on Tuesday. I’ve bought our tickets.

I’ve decided my treasonous suggestion was too much to bear. So I won’t be going to the screening. Mile End wins!

I think you’ll find you’re going to a Committee Meeting that night, Ms. P

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Ain’t no party like a committee party

That’s the spirit!

You see, Tuesday is the answer!