Reel Rock 10 : Conway Hall : 22-Oct-2015

Edit: Supercedes the info below. There is a Thursday viewing as well that doesn’t conflict with Mile End night. Some members have booked to go on Thursday 22-Oct

Reel Rock 10 next week. Tuesday is sold out but still tickets for Wednesday 21st Oct. Sadly it conflicts with our trip the the The Palm Tree Mile End Climbing Wall.

Who’s thinking of going or already got tickets.

Sorry can’t make it have to take @manchi_chung out for her birthday! Out of intrest @manchi_chung planning on catching it this Sunday at part of here long women’s climbing symposium weekend in Sheffield. Will get her to tell you what she thinks.

@t_p_mcdonald, actually there is a Thursday night viewing so you can go anyway!

Sounds good, I’m in! See you at Conway Hall on the 22nd.

I and Rachel are going on Thursday as well.

Well now I’m looking for a ticket as it’s sold out. Just saying in case you know someone who’s got a ticket that they can’t use. :smile:

Thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Reel Rock. Who’s up for Horseshoe Hell?!?

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