Reach weekend of 17/18 Nov?

Anyone up for some routes in the further reaches of SE London?

Lunchtime / early afternoon best, I can offer a lift from North Greenwich.


If you don’t get any other offers, I’d be happy to make my inaugural visit to the Reach. Was thinking of going to the Castle but keen to try new exotic places.

hi, thanks for the offer Holly. Have now scheduled for a play date this afternoon. Tomorrow maybe if you choose not to go to the Castle?

Oh yes sorry I meant Sunday anyway!

Nice one. You can pick the time.

12.30? Can you bring your rope pls? Saves me schlepping it across town

:+1: yes I’ll pack a rope. Would you like to get picked up from North Greenwich? Otherwise it’s an overground train and a generally a pain to get to.


Ah great yes please.