Psycho Vertical talk, Andy Kirkpatrick, RI London, 5 Feb 2018

Christmas present hunters might be interested in the following event that’s happening next year…

Psycho Vertical + Q&A at the Royal Institution, London
One off evening in central London on 5 Feb, showing the award-winning film Psycho Vertical, plus other talking about the film and Q&A

I’ve bought my tickets, so might see some of you folks there!

I’m interested in a Newsletter.
Love Allen B.

Funny you should mention the newsletter, Allen. I’ve been working on it these last few days!

What this space :slight_smile:

Hi Manchi. Can rename my scribble A Pensioners’ Day Out

Done and done, Richard.

Well, we’re now talking about newsletters in this thread… if anyone has
any last-minute contributions, please send them onto me asap (preferably by
Monday) via


Manchi, I’m watching. Keep Well, bet wishes,
Allen B. Keep an eye out for snow in Wales or even the Cbilterns!!!.

To get back to the awesome thread and brilliant suggestion, count me in! Two tickets booked. Come on everyone. Get involved. Looks like a great night! Keep up the good work Manchi. :hugs:x

Thanks for this - looks amazing! Pretty please Santa…

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Hey guys. This event is only half booked and is crowd funded so needs more in next 7 days to get off the ground. Bit in the future i know but Lets all go and spread the word.



Booked X2 :slight_smile:

Only a few hours left now to book!