Projector and Screen for AGM?


As part of the AGM Awards Ceremony, I’d really like to get my hands on a projector + maybe screen.

Given that there have been Club slide show presentations in recent months, I’m guessing somebody must have access?

@Miguel_Aguirre I think I heard your name rumoured? @dabarlow did you say to me once that you have a screen?

Can anyone else help out? Do it for the good of the NLMC!


I can definitely provide a screen and should be able to also provide a projector (assuming you mean a traditional slide projector)


Thanks Dave - I actually mean a projector I can connect a laptop to. Sorry, should have specified!

Ok, screen offer still stands

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Thanks, that would be great - I’ll let you know once I’ve sourced a projector!

No problems. Correction, I will come across Friday evening , so I can get a new-hip friendly bunk

@coffeepot - a little bird tells me you perhaps have access to a projector…?

Hi Paul,

I have projector, I’ve just dug it out and have checked that it’s working.
It can take a VGA or HDMI connector.
Let me know if you need me to bring it along.


Hi Ian, that would be fantastic thanks! I have both kinds of adapter for my laptop so we should be good to go!

@dabarlow - can we also borrow your screen?


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@PaulSagar, do you don’t want my screen now ?

Ah, it seems not - sorry, I’d forgotten you had offered a screen as well as projector! I’ll just use David’s now I think - thanks for offering though.

Ok. 1 less thing to worry about

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As the big night approaches, a timely reminder to @dabarlow and @notgnarly about their volunteered generosity!

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