Probably last climbing before Christmas (one week earlier)

It would be great to join @bullopolis and others on Last climb before Christmas ( Last climb before Christmas ) but I’ll be at home in LT by then for Chistmas holidays. So if anyone would like to go climbing next weekend 10-11th of Dec would be fantastic. The weather should be alright…

I hope to be out that weekend, weather permitting.

Hi all

I’m likely to be in n wales next weekend if anyone comes that way. It’s only 2 hours from here to Capel :slight_smile:

Now living near Stafford so keen for winter training (indoors or out - bouldering, sport or chilly trad - any grade but if warm enough up to 7s or low to mid Es depending whose lead!), and actual winter climbing obviously! Hoping to get in a few Scottish weekends so anyone living this way or passing by let me know and I may well be keen (station pick ups can be done and I can also sign a few people into the cc hut for eastern grit) … not everyone knows me any more as I’ve been out of London a couple of years but have held David Barlow’s ropes a fair amount … although maybe don’t believe everything he might say - if it got dark it probably was not my fault :wink:



I am keen for getting out next weekend! But I wouldn’t be able to leave London until Sat a.m. Where were you thinking?


Hi - I was actually trying to go this past weekend. I am unfortunately away now every weekend until the new year, but will be keen to try to get out then. See you at the wall or the Christmas curry I hope. It looked like Vilius was trying to get out this coming weekend, and then Martin and some others the following.

Peter and I decided to go to North Wales this weekend. Leaving on Friday evening. If anyone want to join - let us know. :slight_smile: