Portland deep water soloing

I said to @PaulSagar at some point that I might write him a newsletter article about Portland DWS, but now that the season has started I got carried away with the excitement and turned it into a blog instead.

Paul, you’re very welcome to adopt it into the newsletter anyway if you would like - alternatively if it triggers any (easy) follow on questions that could form a replacement I could have a go at some scribbles to cover those off instead.

The logistics around early/late tides are undoubtedly going to be challenging until overnight stays are allowed and I can make no firm promises on account of the demands of childcare but in theory I’d be happy to play guide if anyone did want to give it a go.


This is awesome, thanks.

Presumably I can do DWS with only one leg so long as I don’t fall on the rocks?

No problem!

As with all one legged climbing, it just depends how strong your arms are doesn’t it?! :muscle:

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Plus an inflatable splint might be useful, just in case the arms prove inadequate,

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@dabarlow - Or cause an unfortunate situation where Paul ends up floating foot up/head down if he somehow happens to bang his noggin again… :wink: