Portland 7-8 Sep (last minute!)

Hey, hope it’s acceptable to add a cough sport climbing trip to the forum, but am going down to Portland with Ilyass and have space in the car. Have booked a tent space at the YHA, could probably sneak in another tent (as it appears to be fully booked now!) or I hear there’s opportunity to wild camp. Will be leaving early Saturday from Finsbury Park and coming back Sunday evening.

Let me know if interested.

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Hi Dan, I would be very happy to join.

I’m in Wales, but sport climbing is ace, and I fully support this trip (albeit only in spirit).

Wild camping is really easy in the area below the Cuttings. You can also get away with it no problem around the Battleship area. Bivouacs also very do able if no rain forecast.

Don’t, however, be tempted to climb at The Cuttings, which is a polished, sandbagged, smelly little poo hole. Go to Blacknor/Battleship instead.

Thanks Paul! I was also considering Coastguard for something a little different. I’m expecting most of the Castle to turn up at Battleship (apparently all three copies of the Portland guide were sold at the shop between Monday and Wednesday!!)