Poland Winter Trip Feb 2019

There was a good discussion about a Poland winter trip some time ago. I’d like to gather interest.

  • great for mixed and winter climbing
  • great for ski-touring (snow shoes are a good idea if you can’t ski)
  • you must have previous winter experience including some avalanche terrain knowledge
  • you must arrange your own insurance

First we’d agree a date, then take some kind of deposit to cover booking/cancellation fees. We could probably have max 12 people but probably best around 8-10? Expected date 9-17 Feb 2019 or 9-17 March 2017. Would have to avoid any Scottish winter meets - does anyone know the schedule for next year?

To answer the normal question at this stage “can I come if I don’t have winter experience?”. No; not with the trip. However I do know some instructors who teach from the hut we would want to stay in and I would happily put you in touch to do your own arrangements.

I know of some Polish clubs that would coordinate with us which would likely mean we could get local climbing partners for those interested in doing that.

A plan

  1. please vote on dates if interested - put “if need be” if not sure or prefer different date https://doodle.com/poll/98y39wuts5ts6zkq
  2. we will select a date if there’s enough interest (soon - I want to arrange with the Polish clubs)
  3. we will take some deposit to cover cancellation fees (November?)
  4. people are free to substitute but not get back deposit
  5. go climb. (Feb or March)

Some more info would be helpful, e.g. what hut & where is it; what are the climbing options in the vicinity, what is the likely cost

Hut, probably “Murowaniec”; Cost - about £84 for the week for accommodation based on an attempt to reserve. Probably the same again for food in place. Travel everyone would arrange themselves, ideally a flight to Krakow.

  • Flight - £150 with baggage
  • transport in pl £50
  • Accommodation £100 (you will maybe want a night in a hostel?)
  • Food incl. some restaurant meals £100

Budget: £400

for those that don’t have probably add to that

  • rental of avalanche kit - £84 (good idea)
  • one week ski touring set rental £125 (optional)

Sample Objectives:

Nice one @mikedlr. Thanks for organising!
I am very much interested. @RebeccaL probably as well.

I haven’t been able to make the dates that I proposed before at all. I now have a reservation for 22-29 March in the hut mentioned above. If anyone’s still interested to join at that date (@Lukas, @RebeccaL, @Mattia) then it’s a bit risky for winter climbing but likely worth trying. Ski touring is likely to be good.

Please declare interest soon and I can adjust the reservation. I may ask for a deposit if I have to do the same with huts.