Poland March 22 - 29 (or 1 April) - last chance for winter

I’m planning to head out to Poland from 22-29 March and have a reservation in a hut there. Probably I will extend this to March 31 to get a second weekend but that depends on space becoming free. I’m meeting a friend for several days of climbing (not skiing) so I will definitely go but if more people come along we can do more.

Hut, “Murowaniec”; Cost - 84zl / night = £16 (or cheaper for spaces in larger rooms down to £11). Travel everyone would arrange themselves, ideally a flight to Krakow but you can also do Warsaw or Katowice and take a train.

Flights seem to be available for about £60 not including baggage.

Sample Objectives:

Plenty of entertainment!

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Turf, snow and ice were in condition though the ice was occasionally a bit thin.


Food wasn’t bad but best of all were the long alpine days.

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