Pigfish T-shirts! Get your orders in!

I’m doing a new round of orders for the pigfish t-shirt, since I ripped a nice hole in mine at the slate last month. For those of you who don’t know the history, Pigfish is the club’s historical mascot from ye olde days of the club meeting at the Fishmonger’s Arms in Wood Green - there’s more about this somewhere if someone can link to it!
Thanks to @PaulSagar for his pioneering work on this earlier in the year, and @Tutu for the image.

Please indicate size and preferred colour. I got a women’s fit (£13.99) in ‘hibiscus’ orange/red, the others were unisex size (£9.99). There are also vest tops and sweatshirts if you fancy those - let me know specific requests.

Roll up roll up!


I’ll get another one.

If we are using the same company as last time be warned that the shirts are on the big side so probably go down a size from what you usually order.

I suggest this calls for a good old fashioned NLMC spreadsheet.


Excellent idea! What colours are available?

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All of them.

What about colours only birds can see?


Splendid, count me in. Now for the annoying question: I’m based in Bristol, is it possible to post them or should I just wait til the next meet I get to?

If you stick another 2 quid on your transfer (I’ll let you all know when that needs to happen) I will send it direct to you! 100% customer satisfaction

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Is the design on the front or back?

Climbing t-shirts often have the design on the back to be seen whilst climbing.

I’d really like. T-shirt please. Will there be child sizes? It might be nice to get some for the kids.

Can we have a link to the company so I can check out the sizes please. Thanks

@coffeepot here’s the website. https://www.streetshirts.co.uk/design-your-own-t-shirts The unisex is the first one in the box on the right; women’s fit is 3rd row down, middle. Kids sizes are towards the bottom.
Loads of options - just let me know item name, size, colour!

The image is on the front (I like seeing it when I’m wearing it!). But perhaps we can have “NLMC” printed on the back?

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@HollyP are they all cotton, or are technical fabrics an option?

@Peter there is a technical t-shirt: “Neoteric™ textured fabric with inherent wickability” £12.99

Wippee that’s for me; ordered thanks.

Ooh yes please! Adding my name.

I also want to do an order for ones with the NLMC logo that’s on the newsletter, will sort that out ASAP.

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Is there choice in relation to the colour of the printing? ie is white on black do-able? or should we assume that the print will be black regardless?

I’ll investigate


It will be black print.