Pembroke Meet 17/18 Aug 2019

Hi all,

If you found climbing on horrid crumbly culm slabs a bit harrowing, fear not - now it’s time for the Pembroke meet. Well on 17/18 August.

For those that don’t know, Pembrokeshire is home to an amazing quantity of quality routes in a pretty idyllic setting. The rock generally doesn’t crumble and the routes are nice and steep to give your toes a rest.

Generally a better venue for those operating at vs and above but there are areas (eg saddle head) which offer stuff in lower grades. Generally approaches are relatively committing so competence in abseiling (and potentially prussiking) is useful. If you’re less experienced then have a chat with other members about to find out if it would be a suitable venue.

We stay in south Pembrokeshire at a campsite in Bosherston which is basic but nice and cheap (£4 a night I think).

Sign up sheet here:



Alas, I shall be in Scotland in all likelihood.


I’m not coming now sadly, the forecast is too dire for a family holiday/climbing day.

Fake news. It’s still a week away, I’m expecting good weather and better climbing.


Unfortunately I have gone and injured one of my biceps climbing at The Castle, which means it’s unlikely that I will be able to climb next weekend! I intend to get a scan undertaken to get a proper prognosis, but I have removed myself from the spreadsheet for now; should I make a miraculous recovery, I’ll reinstate myself.

Oh no Peter! Hope it’s not too serious. Speedy recovery.

Hope it gets better soon Peter.

My biceps vanished long ago.

“removed myself from the spreadsheet” sounds like a euthamism for something. Better to have been on the spreadsheet and then removed yourself than to have never been on it at all.


hope its a quick recovery Peter

Thanks for your well wishes folks. It may only be badly bruised, or torn muscle fibres, but the physio is fearing that it may be a torn muscle tendon; hopefully not!

Dangerous things these climbing walls. Hope it’s not too serious.

Speedy recovery Peter!

Low turnout currently guys!

The forecast is good! (Enough)

But very windy!

Hi all,

Going to make a call on whether this is still a goer tomorrow morning. Alternative venues are available.

Cars - David B is leaving from Enfield with 3 spaces (one taken by me).

Are those listed on the sheet still planning on coming? If so I suggest we all pile into David’s car.