Peak sat 6th may

@hannahlee15, @johnw1 and potentially @dadler and I are heading up to the Peak District (around hathersage) just for the day on sat if anyone is around. Planning to leave London super early and stay until dark

Let me know where you go - if free i will pop over :slight_smile:

Great! Will let you know when we decide.

I’d be keen for the peak this weekend. Do you guys have a car sorted/is there space
for another or are you planning on train-ing?


Hi Catrin - we are planning on driving up. There may be one space free just waiting for confirmation - should hear today and will let you know.

So unfortunately my car is now full… I am however looking into borrowing a five seater so might be able squeeze you in that way.

So think i have people to climb with in n Wales/ border this weekend so likely be there :frowning: but :slight_smile: and Roaches tonight :slight_smile: - @Catrin when are you coming climbing with me! :wink:

@Catrin so unfortunately I can’t borrow the bigger car. So it would be the train unless someone else has a car??


No worries, next one hopefully! Thanks for asking though.

Hope you guys have fun

Where are you off to? (Just in case :wink: )

We’re probably going to go to stanage though not sure which bit yet. Will post on here if plans change though.

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I was a bit ill in the end - the work lurgy got me - hope was fun!

It was great thanks Lizzie - hope you’re feeling better

Thanks Guy - yes went to Tremadog yesterday :slight_smile: so good living on the Welsh