Peak District this weekend? 21st/22nd

Anyone interested in some gritstone this weekend? I know a few people at the New Members Meet were but no one with transport at present (although car hire could be considered?). Forecast currently dry but a bit breezy.

Could be persuaded to head back that way! Would be going from Wales though…


I might be around forcing myself to do some trad on the Sunday. I’ll be bouldering on the limestone on the sat if anyone wants to join - nothing really below 7a+ worth mentioning though

Camping probable. There are bunkhouses and YHAs but these usually need to be booked in advance. Bit of a moot point with no transport!

sorry delay - I can get a zipcar for 160 ish from fri afternoon to sun late plus tank of fuel. If we are say 3 I could be up for that expense i.e. c. £65. Would that work?

The weather looks absolutely washed out on Sunday now so I won’t be around. I’ll still be bouldering on Saturday though, driving down from York


Yeah…not good. Thanks for having a look at car hire @GarethA but I reckon it’s going to be a bit too expensive for the one decent weather day.