Peak District (Roaches) 20-21 July 2019

Hey all! Hope everyone’s well, hope this isn’t too precocious as a relatively new member! Just wanted to ask for those not in the Alps if anyone wanted to join myself and two others on a trad climbing weekend in the Roaches (Peak District, Staffordshire side). Beautiful gritstone, single pitch mostly and only 3.5 hours away from London.

I’m climbing with a friend who I’ve been ticking off Ken Wilson classics with (VS, easyish stuff) and @IlyassM is coming along as a second so can take a few (probably 3 max) more in the cars and would welcome another second! It’s basic camping nearby at and I’ve called to book a couple of spaces. There’s a slight possibility of showers, but I’ll be going either way so feel free to message if interested, or just come along!

I’ll be at the next few Castle meets (Saturday and Mondays) if there are any questions!

Hey Dan,

I’m definitely interested! Can lead to S but would be happy seconding VS stuff. Hoping to make the Castle on Monday night so can chat further then.


I’d be interested as well.

I’m likely to be around the roaches that weekend doing a self rescue course. I won’t be free to climb much but will try and pop over to say hello.

@robertpirouet @tmn Great stuff, do either of you have a rack/ropes? I’m considering a straight after work drive down if the weather looks promising so there’s a full 1/2 days of climbing.

@Binit-Shah Cool! Well, hopefully those skills won’t be necessary but would love to hear how it goes!

Bril, got rack and ropes, happy to bring whatever’s needed.

I can also contribute some gear, @Dan.

Will be at the Castle from around 6:30-7pm in a grey t-shirt. Will try and sort out the lifts for Friday and then double check on the campsite today!

Have checked with work, should be able to get back to central London and be ready to go by 5.30 at the very latest. (Will aim for 5). Will be coming from Kings cross, would Latimer Road station work as a pickup?