Peak District Bouldering - 2nd/3rd March 2024

Nearly time to shake off the winter cobwebs and get back out on the rock! How about some bouldering to celebrate the start of (meteorological) spring?

What: Bouldering…
Where: Thorpe Farm Bunkhouse in The Peak District
When: 2-3rd March
Signup: NLMC 2024 Peak District Bouldering Meet - Signup - Google Sheets

Anyone can join, regardless of experience level. Bring shoes, chalk, warm clothes and enthusiasm (and pads)!

If we can get a good idea of numbers sooner rather than later, we’ll have the pick of the bunkhouses at Thorpe Farm. Depending on numbers, it looks like it’ll cost somewhere between £30 and £40 for the weekend.

Sadly, some things popped up and I will not be able to make this one anymore.

Great to see a good crew shaping up!

I’m looking at booking accommodation soon. For our current numbers, there’s a place with 14 beds. There’s also one with 10 beds and 4 people in the living room. With 14 of us, the larger one will come to about £36 per person for the weekend. Worst case, if we only have 11 people, it’ll be £45.50. Expect something in between. If it drops to 10, I’ll book the cheaper one with only 10 bunks for £40 per head.

Can people who are signed up please fill in the newly-added “committed” column by Friday morning to indicate whether I should take you into account when booking. Once you’re committed, you’ll be expected to pay for accommodation even if you drop out to avoid unfairly increasing others costs.

Looking forward to it!

Sorry Ben, missed your committed column. Have added my partner Bethany as well, she likely most going to be running but will probably spend some time bouldering too

Is there a deadline for commitments?

Where are drivers leaving from? Realised it’s not on the spreadsheet this time. Is anyone leaving from north or east London? And have room for 2? Makes life easier if Sam and I can have a lift in the same car.

Good point Sam. I’ve added a column.

I was hoping to book the accommodation on Friday, but not enough people had seen the message so I thought I’d wait a couple more days.

I’m making a whatsapp group for the meet. Could you pop your numbers in the sheet or DM them to me if you’d rather do it that way.

@dabarlow @notgnarly are you guys joining for some bouldering in the peaks?

Hi Laura, if the weather is good then I would be up for some bouldering

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Ditto! It has been very wet for what feels like months so I hope it stops raining soon.

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we may join as well… see what the weather does

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Thank you Ben, I filled out the form. An I right that we have three cars?

Very much a back up plan for me, so I won’t even take a non-committed slot on the spready, but would be cool to see you guys again if Scotland trip doesn’t happen and if there’s still a bed.

@dabarlow @notgnarly we’re pretty short on mats (and tight for space in cars :smile: ), so wondering if you might be able to bring a few spare? Trying to work out how many we should reserve to rent from alpkit.

@Polina I’ve added you to the whatsapp group where we’re working out logistics.

I can bring mine.

I have 4 of varying ages

I recommend that you expect to go bouldering inside on Saturday (I recommend the Climbing Works), or a snowy/rainy walk. Sunday is looking somewhat more promising, but it will take time for the rock to dry, even if there is sun as forecast.

It’s currently raining/sleeting/trying to snow in Dore on the SW edge of Sheffield and it’s 2C, so it will definitely be snowing in the Peak…

Kinder downfall on Saturday then?

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Can’t believe that’s been turned into a Downfall meme! Seriously obsessive. Ironically, I am actually planning on going to Kinder Downfall tomorrow for a walk.