Peak District 20 & 21 May

Just moving @Hazko messages to its own Trips & Meets thread…

Posted on 23 April:

“I’m thinking of booking the campsite in Edale for this. It’s a bit further
from the main crags than the one we have before under Stanage but is close
to a railway station, has a cafe on site and two pubs within easy walking
distance (the Nags Head is about 100 yards away!) Any thoughts on this? It
would also be useful to get an idea of how many are likely to come.

Posted on 12 May:

“I won’t be able to attend the Peak District Meet next weekend but no has
expressed any interest in since I put out a message a couple of weeks ago.
If folk do want to go the campsite at North Less close to Stanage is good
but a bit of a walk from pubs. Fieldhead in Edale is good too, but further
from the climbing. However it is close to pubs and cafes. .

Tim and I are planning on going to the Peaks next weekend. We’ll drive up from London early Saturday morning, and return Sunday evening (maybe camp Saturday night in Eric Byne Campsite).

Anyone else?

Yes, I was planning on heading up there. Will go wherever everyone else does - my default would be North Lees because it makes the operation doable by public transport, but maybe that won’t be an issue depending on how many folks are going.

I am strongly considering attending, weather permitting.




I will probably join as well, however can confirm this only after the weekend.

Also hoping to be there!

I would also like to come :wink:

I would also like to come along. If North Lees is not available I have often stayed at the Hardhurst Farm campsite just west of Hathersage, it’s affordable and within staggering distance of an ok pub. Have to say that I do not like the Eric Byne but will conform to the group if that’s the choice :relaxed: I would need a lift from North London, can leave Friday evening or Saturday morning as driver prefers.

I’m going to check out the campsite in Edale, Fieldhead. It’s further from
the crags than North Lees and Hardhurst but is in easy walking distance of
two pubs and cafes and the train station. What do people think?

I’ve checked out the sites around the Hope Valley and Edale and Hardhurst
comes out tops. It has space next weekend, a cafe on site for breakfast and
a pub in easy walking distance so I propose that for the venue.

How many cars will there be and who needs transport?

We’ll go wherever the group decide on. We will only need one night (Saturday) at the campsite. Driving up early Saturday morning from Finsbury Park. Returning Sunday evening. There will be two spaces available in our car.

Manchi & Tim

Hardhurst Farm looks best. £7 p.p. per night.

Does anyone else want to on the Saturday morning with Manchi and Tim?

Could I snag a lift please! Based in 7 Sisters so can be very early indeed if need be.

Hi Manchi.
i would like a lift :grinning:
If possible…

See you,

@janderkran & @MattGee: you both have a place in our car going up Saturday
morning, leaving at 7am. Jan you know where we live, and Matt I will DM you
my details.

Richard @Haszko, happy to camp at Hardhurst.

Fingers-crossed for good weather next weekend!

Thanks Manchi & Richard, looking forward to it. Forecast looks reasonable, hope it stays that way! I can bring a limited rack and short rope unless we have enough already. If anyone wants to lead or just say hi at the Castle this week I can be around any evening.

Is anyone planning to arrive on Friday? I shall be able to join you on
Saturday morning. Can people let me know where they plan to climb (has to
be grit really if the weather is ok) and I will meet up. My number is on
the club list but it’s 07776211278.

@Nigel_Allsopp and I were tentatively planning on arriving Friday night and climbing at Stanage.

Count me in! :slight_smile: But I need a lift too.