Peak Day Trip This Weekend 39/31 March

Does anyone fancy a day trip to the Peak either Saturday or Sunday?

I really would like to go climbing!

Me and Ben will be at Curbar on Sunday (if anyone wants to lead climb at the Castle Saturday morning that would also be good)

Great, so are you available and if so, which day?



Would prefer tomorrow but can do sunday if easier!

Looking dry but rather cold on Sunday. Saturday better. If you go up tomorrow can you let me know where. Stanage will be rammed. It was yesterday so will be worse tomorrow

My thoughts are as yours, Saturday works best for me too.

Will do Richard

I am keeping a beady eye on this thread and may nip up if Sunday is looking good. My days are all a bit ad hoc at the moment. But I got a new harness last night which seems a perfectly valid excuse to dabble in some trad.

Richard, do you have any crag suggestions?

I am not Richard but I’ll “pitch” in . Froggatt or Wharncliffe if you seek shelter on a windy forecast.
Wharncliffe has that “industrial” ambience but the rock is great

It’s forecast to be quite still today; thinking of Curbar.

Cut at or Froggatt both good, Curbar routes all hard for the grade.

Try Avalanche Wall. At least there’s loads of gear.

Richard, what did you mean by cut at?

Think we will head to Curbar

We are starting at Beech Buttress, Curbar.

Laura I am sure “cut at” was an autocorrect failure for Curbar

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It was!

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OMG! I actually made it to a Crag and Peter and Laura were kind enough to drag me up something !

Thanks guys. Was such a lovely day.

And Bela got to climb something, not an easy ask on Grit when you’re a short for your age 11 year old.