Peak bouldering meet 22-23 Feb

I’d be up for heading on the Thursday

Happy to commit!

Happy to commit too

Tweaked the spreadsheet slightly.

Anyone who’s planning to head up thurs eve - if you could fill in (and there’s cars available) I’ll get in touch with the bunkhouse and sort something out, in addition to the block booking.



So the deposit is £100. Having confidently said it wouldn’t be required, could everyone who’s staying in the bunkhouse transfer me £6.25 to 04-00-04 63343799.

Put your name down as a reference and I will tick you off a list!



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Thanks guys - keep it coming!


Paid. Don’t spend it all at once Guy!

Thanks all.

@tomhardie @Tobia_Zantedeschi @LIon grateful if you could transfer ASAP!

Hey Guy, I’d like to come along too but will not need a space in the bunkhouse.

Barlow has a bouldering mat. If he’s not coming then perhaps you could borrow it. Also at some point over the meet I’d like to see how your mat fits in my boot with my other mats

Sorry! Done now!

Sorry, just back from holiday and holiday mood. Payment just done, should arrive in 2 hours.

@notgnarly, depending on how many passengers I have, David’s mat may not fit in my car in addition to mine, as if the weather is suitable I intend taking my trad rack too…

@peter sacrilege!

@notgnarly yes of course the more the merrier!

I guess now’s about time to sort out accommodation for those of us going on Thursday eve.

@Sarah_Rae @HollyP @GarethA @Robin, is that everyone who will want to stay in bunkhouse Thurs eve?

Also looks like a lifts tab has appeared on the spreadsheet - I’ll be leaving from Harringay national rail station (10 mins from the Castle) for anyone who wants a lift Thurs eve.

@Robin @Sarah_Rae - let me know if you want to sort out dropping your pads off beforehand to avoid fighting to work with them! (Offer open to anyone else if needs be too).


Yes please to bunkhouse on Thursday evening. My house is literally 300m away from Harringay train station so no worries there!

As I separate point - I am planning to make a mass booking for the pub in Bamford on Sat night. Anyone not want to come?

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That would be amazing! Although so far looks like I might be able to get away with working from home…