Painting Exhibition

Hi all, just using this forum for a piece of flagrant self promotion.

I have an exhibition opening this Thursday.
If you are art lovers come along! Or should I say: if you are a art lovers DON’T come along. I mean you’ve seen my work right?! :grimacing:

Atelier Cecilia
Thursday 06th of June 2019
6 – 9 PM

Show open
07th & 08th of June 2019
12 – 5 PM

5 Cecilia Road
London, E8 2EP


I am in Helsinki until late Friday but I will try to come along on Saturday - it will be a nice break from work!

Ha it’s just around the corner from where I’ll be staying in London! Is it toddler-safe btw?

Hi Tutu! There will be at least one baby there so I guess so

Cheers Paul. I should be there on the Saturday

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Superb! Your work rocks! I’ll be there on thursday :+1:

Nice :+1:

Thanks for coming everyone!