Old retired climbing rope?

Does anyone have any old rope they have retired from climbing and would be willing sell? I’m thinking of starting a mini-business making dog beds from old rope. Yes, this is may seem quite random. Be rest assured anything that comes my way will never be used for climbing.

I think we might have an old rope that we no longer need. Let me check with Tim and I’ll get back to you, Fran.


i’ve got an an old wall rope you are welcome to 30m

Hi Fran, I’ve got an old rope too for when you’re next up Sheffield way

Thanks everyone. This is a great start. Manchi has been in contact. Max i’ll contact you to collect at some point and Ian we will be up in Sheffield for the weekend 3/4th Feb. Are you around at all?

Hi Fran,

Yes I should be as I have no plans to go away at the moment.

It you’re still interested, I’ve got two going, unless @guyarnold wants them for his sister’s art project?

Yes i’m interested. If you still have them. Thank you