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Whilst I appreciate a lot of this stuff is effectively [grab what you can get] is anyone particularly happy with their home working technology set-up with particular focus on mouse and keyboard and would recommend?

I can’t keep ignoring tension in the right arm which is beyond any reasonable doubt associated with my mouse. Certainly can’t claim it’s due to amateur climbing form. I’m using a Sondstrom pebble style at the moment and do try to occasionally swap to the left but it never lasts very long.

I also don’t have any wrist support on the keyboard but the left arm isn’t that bothered.

Anyone been around this circle and found a good solution?

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I’d check your posture, chair height and height of monitors. Consider a foot stool if you’re feet aren’t on the ground or comfortable. While changing from a mouse to a mouse ball is an option, if those first items aren’t correct that would most likely only be a temporary solution.

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Thanks Dave - I think those bits are pretty good

Might be a bit “media” I know but I’ve used a stylus wacom tablet for a few years now rather than a mouse, takes a bit of getting used to but I much prefer it for comfort.

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Further to David’s comments, you ought to have the top of your chair arm rest aligned to the desk surface and check that you aren’t over-reaching.
The recommendation is also to do exercises through the day to un-tension your wrist & neck etc.

My Rachel also suggests using the other hand and learning all the keyboard shortcuts.

I use a wacom tablet and pen for illustration work, helps a lot, BUT you still need a decent workstation set up. It is all about that. Everything else follows on. And yeah, get up and move every 30mins

Echo all the bits people have mentioned regarding chair and desk height etc.


I use an ergonomic keyboard and a separate vertical mouse which means your hand isn’t rotated inwards. Shoulders are also at a different angle. I couldn’t get away with a stylus for the bits I need to do in work.

A cheap laptop riser and a second hand monitor arm off eBay has let me get two screens at eye level which made a massive difference.

Monitor Arm, Mount, Humanscale - M2CW1S 9kg Monitor Weight - USED, NO CABLE CLIP


Which mouse do you have - the one in the package or another one?

The one in the “other customers looked at”…area of that link looks interesting

I have literally never even heard of a vertical mouse before

PS is that a relatively quiet keyboard?

It was pretty much a corded version of that, I have been getting away with using the included one since WFH as my desk is at a better height and monitor was an improvement. It’s not silent but I can get away wit

I had a lot of funny looks from colleagues when they tried to borrow it, but a different shape really helped with the finger nerve issues I was getting a few years back.

Also worth checking your road bike posture is OK and not forcing a very low position which weights your hands :wink:


Bike’s all good