North Wales weekend - 6th/7th July

Does anyone want a lift from London to the cottage this weekend?

I will be driving from London to the cottage in North Wales this weekend. Leaving Friday afternoon from Forest Hill SE23 and returning Sunday evening. I have 3 spaces in the car. (I’ll be climbing with @george_margesson, who is driving from Bristol, so I don’t need a climbing partner.) Let me know if you want a lift!



may see you there Toby (and George)

I’m going to go up to the Cottage tomorrow to measure up the shed door and for a spot of solo scrambling, or easy trad climbing if anyone is looking for a partner. Can take rack and ropes if needed

Hello NLMC,
We are booked into your hut for climbing this Sun/Mon. We were a four, but now a three, so happy to pick up anyone looking for a partner to climb in, probably, the Pass, or Gogarth.
Cheers, Jeremy

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God damn it, @chizharward I meant to leave your t-shirt in the hut last weekend and instead left it in my van.

Next time…

@chizharward @JerDon I may join you Sat-Mon, the weather looks too good to work…

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you had one job.

Next time…

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Are you driving up tomorrow? If so is there any chance to get a spontaneous lift?

not sure if you’re messaging me or chizharward - we’ll have a seat from south london at tea-time if you’re interested

I’m at the Cottage!

Had a great weekend at the Cottage, nice to go up as a civvie rather than staff…

Oh, and if you are up over next few weeks do look out for the glow-worms at the top of the track!

Glow worms - not the first thing I was expecting you to say you’d seen at the hut…

Anyway, good to hear you had an excellent time - did you fit some climbing in?

a bit. Out of practice, especially in the rain…

Hope it wasn’t as wet as our wander to Idwal Cottage :umbrella:

Definitely not wet here in the Bregaglia. By 12.30 it’s too hot to climb.

Glad to hear it’s not raining - hope you’re all having fun :person_climbing:

@chizharward Thanks for welcoming the invaders. Sorry about the mix up. Sunny Sunday in the Pass and we got another good day out with @adam_b on Monday. Cheers, Jeremy & Robin