North Wales weekend - 28-30.6

We’re going to the cottage this weekend with @adam_b and @Mark_W and have one more space in the car, if anyone wants to join.

Leaving London Friday after work, coming back Sunday evening.

The plan is something longer in the mountains on Saturday and probably shorter cragging on Sunday before heading back.

@Miguel_Aguirre - How is your ankle feeling this morning?

I’d like to come along. The weather seems to be quite ok for a change.

I think I’ll be around, climbing with a mate who is down from Scotland. If not, however, can people keep an eye out for a super lightweight Arc’Teryx black soft shell? The last time I can recall having it was in the Hut and now I can’t find it…

Ankle feels fine so I’d be down for some long seconding or short leading this weekend.
Having said that, if @ChrisLend would like the space, I can probably find a more sensible get-back-into-things easy-walk-out climbing venue for this week.

Hi Miguel, glad it’s feeling better! Might be worth fitting in something in between to test it out? Ladislav is pretty keen on mountain stuff in the run up to Bregalia and Chris has now picked up some kit for his first trip with the club. Maybe look to organise a peak or Portland weekend trip in the near future to see how you get on?

Yeah, that’s cool. I’ll try to get some indoor sport in this weekend and be keen for a peak trip in a coming weekend.

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When I got to the hut last night, the floors in the kitchen and bathroom were not what one might have hoped. They now are. So when you see me leaving on Sunday without cleaning, it’s because I already did my cleaning :slight_smile:

You are a ghost @PaulSagar - I only saw your name in the book and later the half-empty bottle of milk disappeared from the fridge. Although the night was quiet and dreams were fine so you should try harder as a ghost…

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Long story but basically I decided to sleep in my van in the pass on Friday night to guarantee parking by the Cromlech on Saturday morning, then I decided to go to my mate’s 30th on the Saturday instead of returning to the hut.