North Wales this weekend (30 June/1 July)

Anyone interested in making the most of the drought and heading up to North Wales this weekend before the inevitable return of the rain? I’m keen to try and do the classic routes in the pass/Cloggy that are normally wet. Preferably ones with longish walk ins so I can pretend I’m training for the Alps… Would also consider going to the Lakes and climbing on Scafell e.g.

@hannahlee15 is moderately keen and I have three spaces in my car.

Will be at Mile End tomorrow so can discuss then.

just a reminder to anyone going to Cottage that the lock on front door may not be replaced by Friday evening, if you can’t get in please use shower block door, have ordered new lock and hopefully Damian willl get it and fix asap.

Have a great trip, enjoy the weather, tempted to come up myself.

Would normally be game but going to a gig on Saturday and heading to France on Monday. If the drought continues I’m totally up for doing this later in the summer, though.

I’m going to be in Wales on Fri and Saturday, not sure about Sunday yet,

Going with housemate but may see people at the hut/crags

interested! when are you planning to drive up? friday evening or saturday morning?


Keen! Free to leave/return whenever.

Excellent well good to see people are interested. I’ll check in with everyone at Mile End tomorrow and come back with a plan.

Go to Cloggy!

@RebeccaL and I would love to join if there are 2 seats left.

I think we’re 5 into 4 seats at the moment. Will see tonight if anyone else fancies driving up.

So Hannah has bowed out so that means we can all go in my Mini. I hope you don’t like legroom!

I have a roof box so we should be fine with 4 but try and pack light regardless!

Will be in touch on Thursday with departure time but will be leaving from Shoreditch.


awesome, i am sure we’ll manage. will we be staying at the hut?



I’ll be around as well, I’ve rent the barn with a group of friends for the weekend. Mainly to do some hiking, but I’m sure we will bump into each other the evenings :wink:

Yes exactly. You’ll need a sleeping bag but no other camping gear and we can pick up food on the way at the Telford Tesco.

brilliant, thanks!

Llandudno ALDI if you’re fast.

Awesome weekend guys! Smashed it :facepunch: Get up there while you can everyone!

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Absolutely amazing conditions on everything at the moment in North Wales!

Awesome, going there this weekend. Cloggy looks bone! Any recommendations?

Johannes and I did silhouette and jelly roll, both of which were amazing and well protected.

Cloggy corner looked awesome and bone dry as was vember which ppl said was great. There’s loads!

It will be swarming so expect to queue and get there early. Could even wild camp up there.