North Wales / hut this weekend

Going North to see the hut for the weekend. I know it’s a bit late, but we’ll have about one and a half spaces in the car so if anyone can get out to Bishop’s Stortford before 15:00 today. That’s the Stansted express line - we can also pick up via Cambridge and Birmingham.

The aim for the weekend is to carry lots of gear up and down hills in the wind. We might accidentally do some winter scrambling or even climbing whilst at it.


Bring wood. Supply low here

Hope to get a delivery of logs ASAP, waiting for confirmation from supplier.

Mike P

We have been told that there was a lot of rubbish bags left by our wheelie
bin after the Christmas and New Year and these ended up scattered across
the lay you. We have been requested to not put bags there If the bin is
full but to take them home or otherwise dispose of them elsewhere

Hi Richard,
thanks for the timely reminder on this. The bin was full but not overflowing when I left last Wednesday. I took some rubbish and recycling home, as I usually do. Was it Terry at Bryn Glo asking?

Aside from the xmas break in collections, the main issue is that the NLMC bin gets used by everyone in the layby for their rubbish, the actual council bin is hidden by the wall and most people don’t see it as it is behind cars, or can’t fit their bin bags into it as it doesn’t open wide enough (to stop people putting their bin bags in!) I will take some black paint and write that it is a private bin, but doubt that will deter.

So yes, we will be held responsible for the state of the layby when the bin is used by others, please do take some rubbish home with you, and recycling too. There are recycling bins at Tyn y Coed, and at Coop in Llangollen amongst others.

Thanks for the info. When we left the bin was not yet full; nothing left outside and recycling taken. There is a compost heap mentioned in the instructions but nobody had heard of it and I couldn’t find it so I guess it doesn’t exist? Thanks @chizharward and everyone else for keeping it all in such great condition.

compost heap? can I ask where that is mentioned? I’ll get that changed!

There was talk of a compost heap a few years back I think, however given the relatively small quantities of vegetable matter we produce, the damp and cold climate, and the danger of just feeding the rats and mice, the decision was made not to have one. I usually burn any peelings etc if the fire is going.

The compost heap is mentioned on the instructions for new visitors left of the entry door from the hall as you look at it from inside the main living room.

I should also mention that it’s possible that some of the wood that’s now in the room may be cut a bit too long for the stove since it was cut for outdoor use. There’s plenty that will be the right size and everything we used fit at least diagonally.

Can you check to see if there is water on the kitchen floor when you arrive
on Friday. We don’t know if is condensation from the walls or seeping up
through the floor after heavy rain.

@Haszko / If that’s to me please note that I was there last weekend. Maybe we should keep this thread going for arranging car lifts from London in future? There was a tiny bit of water when we arrived which one of the longer term members of the club (Val?) said was from seepage from the floor. There was no sign of condensation so I think it must be true.

Having a compost heap implies a garden to put it on. Somebody growing veg? Climate is a bit poor for “old rope”.

The water in the cottage kitchen seeps up in the winter after heavy rain/at times of high groundwater, this is a known issue and has been known about for many years, short of taking up all the tiles, possible all the concrete screed and putting in a new membrane/tanking and tanking up the walls, there seems little we can do. The extractor fan does help reduce humidity and may reduce the issue, so please do use it, especially when cooking pasta/rice etc.

Any suggestions for solutions are of course always welcome!

As far as I know, noone is growing any vegetables, nor has any plans for any. I will cross out the reference to compost heat, as there isn’t one.