North Wales 27-29 May

A quick one to say that @Tim_McD and I will be heading to the Club cottage over the second May bank holiday weekend. Anyone else making similar plans?

@Kate_Davis and I are planning to be up there then too - so see you there! I’m coming up on the weds eve Kate on Friday (I think).

Yes, I’ll be coming up on the Friday evening :slight_smile:

I’ll be coming up there on Friday night for 2 nights to meet some friends
who are staying in the pass.

I may well be about, either at cottage or cc hut in pass :slight_smile:

Sounds great, I would like to come with my partner as well :wink:

Excellent! Should be a lovely weekend. Fran & Paul are also hoping to join us (they’re looking at local BnB options as they have two little ones).

Fingers crossed for good weather!

If Fran and Paul (plus 2) - or anyone else - want to stay in Llanrwst, I can do them a cheap B&B sort of thing. Please pass on my number 07850 648979.
Have a good weekend.

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Hi all
Count me in too. Would need a lift though :smiley:.

Apologies for hijacking the thread but can’t seem to post a new topic!

Is anybody planning on a slightly sooner visit to the hut this weekend - 12-14th May?

If not, I’m thinking of hiring a car, leaving from Kings Cross area early Friday evening returning Sunday evening. Potentially 2-3 spaces available, depending on the size.

Let me know if this sounds interesting?




I got my dates wrong and am in Wales this coming weekend (12-14th). Meeting
with friends staying in the pass but would be good to see others if they
are around?


I’d be interested! Can’t make the 27th-29th meet.


I’ll be coming up from Stroud, possibly early on Friday, and getting some pre-Scotland training in with Josh. Days are getting longer, thinking of maybe all the scrambles on Tryfan for Saturday


Excellent, I’m thinking I’ll book a car so long as I can get at least one passenger - currently on three maybes plus yourself so its looking promising!

Kate and I are planning to head up this weekend and do the Glyders and Tryfan on Saturday; happy to join up or see you in the hut.

Hi, I am also keen to get up to the cottage for the bank holiday weekend if I am get a lift with someone!


I can give you a lift back (I’m heading up on Wednesday evening). Not sure that’s much use though!?

Hi - i’ve only just joined this group/forum. But i’ll be heading up to NWales on the bank holiday too - maybe i’ll see you on the crags somewhere?!

Anybody looking for a partner for this weekend? I normally climb with Kate above, but she’s doubling up with Guy…

Does anyone know if it is ok to camp outside the cottage? Is there a rule?