NLMC Meets 2022

It’s been a rough couple of years eh? Well no more, (almost) normal service is resuming and It’s high time we stoked your psyche with a packed list of trips & meets for 2022:

26th/27th February - Pebble pulling in the Peak (bouldering meet)
19th/20th March - Springtime call-to-arms (Hut working meet)
9th/10th April - How many for breakfast?! (New members meet)
15th-18th April - Assimilating with the hoards (Easter Lake District meet)
7th/8th May - Wye not? (Wye Valley meet)
21st-28th May - Up here, the Skye’s the limit (North West Sctoland meet)
18th/19th June - Here comes the sun (Cornish Summer Solstice meet)
2nd/3rd July - NLMC on tor (Dartmoor)
7th-19th July - Oh là là! Ce sera épique! (Alps meet)
25th July - 7th August - Schools out for summer! (Family meet)
6th/7th August - Watch out for the fulmar chicks! (Pembroke meet)
20th/21st August - T’ best meet o’ t’ year (Yorkshire meet)
10th/11th September - It’s always sunny in… (South Devon meet)
24th/25th September - Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! (New members meet)
8th/9th October - You mean there’s climbing this close to London?! (Swanage meet)
22nd/23rd October - DIY for Dummies (Working meet)
12th/13th November - GT’s Lockwood’s Chimney Extraordinaire (Annual Dinner + AGM!)

There’ll be forum posts closer to each of the meets to flesh out the details; but until then clear your calendars, fill up your wishlist, and get psyched for a year of NLMC adventuring!



Woohoo! Getting these in the diary!

One small question about the Skye trip… The week after it’s planned we have the extra public holiday… Could that be a contender? Asking as someone who has limited annual leave

This is the year*!
*For Lockwoods

And when is the dinner? And where?

AGM dinner will be at Tyn-Y-Coed as soon as I’ve called them up and booked it…


having sorted the Skye trip the last few years be nice if someone bothered to get in touch about dates before publishing them

Hi @chizharward (and @LIon), it was my intention to run this one as I’d really like to go to Skye, and I was going to contact you in particular once I get round to planning it.
As it happens the dates suit me and I can’t do any later than May 28th due to holiday clashes at work, but I didn’t pick the dates, we just chose ‘last week of May’ as it’s usually then.
I can do earlier, but if enough people want to go over the extended Bank Holiday (accommodation issues?) I will have to drop out and let someone else run it.

Surely no one will want to miss a street party on the long bank holiday?

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Aaah, hadn’t realised. No probs at all, @MattGee thanks for organising it :grin:

Also yes good point RE accommodation!

Why not contact me first? Be nice. You know.

Well, we wouldn’t do that for anyone else for any other meet, would we? I feel that no meet should be the ongoing preserve of any one member to run when and how they wish to, especially as it could lead to the Committee having an ever-growing list of people to consult before releasing the meets calendar in case they do/don’t want to run it this year and can/can’t make certain dates.

That said, we can kick off a Skye meet thread elsewhere and get more consensus over dates etc. I was keen to go so I said I’d run it without recalling (as I haven’t been before) that you have run the last few :slightly_smiling_face: and I had every intention of involving you.

Sorry Matt, must have missed the call to the membership about organising this year’s meets, I didn’t realise it was committee only. Yes, in the past some of the people who have organised meets have been asked, not out of preserving their ‘stake’ on a trip, but because they’d done it before and knew the place, and because it’s a nice inclusive thing to do and respects the work put in previously.

Re accommodation, for the last ?ten years the Skye run has never had any problems with places to stay even over the Whitsun BH weekend. Given it is Scotland it’s always been a pretty freeform follow the weather type affair, and there have never been any issues with finding campsites or quiet places to pitch up for a night or a week to minimise the drive to the walk in. Usual intended base weather permitting has been the Glen Brittle campsite with its en suite swimming, although laybys and responsible wild camping have also featured heavily. Sligachan campsite (with en suite midges and coach parties) has been used as it gives better access to sea cliffs, but Skye is really about the Cuillin. I did test the waters on booking the Glen Brittle Memorial hut or the JMCofS hut at Coruisk a few years back, but you need to book a good way in advance and interest was too low. At the end of May into first couple weeks of June the midges are usually not out in force and camping (especially by the coast) is not too bad

Many thanks Chiz, that’s very much appreciated and I’ll start off the Skye thread at some point soon with that information and see where we go from there.

Can now confirm AGM dinner will be at Tyn-Y-Coed on 12 November, with AGM in the Hut on the 13th


@George_T the meets don’t seem to be in the NLMC Google calendar - it would be great if they were. If nobody feels like doing it, could someone please give me write access and I can volunteer.

@mikedlr That should be dome now, ta for flagging. Drop me a message if you still don’t see, it’s not unlikely that I got the Google setup wrong!

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love the names! well done :grin:


@George_T it seems to work for me. I can see the meets in my calendar. Thanks.